A Refreshing Visit

This morning we had a visit from Marta (Environmental issues) and Monica (Health and safety) from the head office in V.N. Gaia who are doing a round of the company’s Douro wineries making sure we are all meeting environmental and health and safety standards.   

Marta and Monica during their Environment and Safety Audit

I had a meeting with Marta to discuss our water consumption at the winery and how best to reduce the effluents we send to the water treatment plant at Quinta do Tua. We are very conscious of these environmental issues and each year try  to find new ways  of reducing our winery effluent.  

Henry and Marta discussing the winery's water consumtion and effluents
As much as we like looking at our lagars and Roriz grapes their visit made a welcome change! 
Monica trying her hand at taking a Baumé under Fonseca's eager suppervision!
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