26 September Malvedos Winery Update

Early morning sunlight hitting the hills downriver

It’s a lovely bright cool morning at Malvedos as I begin writing at 07:55.  The weather forecast on the radio predicts an increase in temperature today, and it did turn out to be a hot day.  The cooling was full on the lagar we were filling today as in the afternoon the grapes were coming in quite warm.

Vineyard update

Arlindo’s 24 pickers are now on the final run of Touriga Nacional at Malvedos, picking a group of parcels planted in 2005 halfway up the quinta.  The grapes arriving at the winery continue in excellent condition and taste sweet and very flavoursome.  I had expected to finish the Malvedos Nacional today, but there is still a little more to go, so tomorrow morning they will finish that and then move over to Quinta do Tua and begin harvesting the Nacional there.

Winery Update

We ran off and fortified the 3rd lagar of Nacional in the morning.  The colour is so intense our photos are not doing it justice, though we will try again with the finished wine.   As Miles mentioned in his Cavadinha post on the Vintage Port Site – I think this is one of those wines that will go off the colour scale it’s so purple.

Cask sample of the first Touriga Nacional of 2011

This afternoon we had a taste of the first Nacional lagar and are very happy with the result in terms of the freshness and concentration of fruit and floral aromas as well as the immense colour.

We are now on day 12 of the Vintage and some wear and tear is beginning to show from the long hours and night shifts, although there might be an element of Lisa’s farewell dinner involved as far as today is concerned with some of them…couldn’t help but notice the vast quantity of water consumed at dinner this evening, in lieu of the usual glass or two of wine.

Overall it was a very quiet day in the winery, and we did not even receive any visitors.  We know Rupert arrived in the late afternoon at the Quinta with some USA customers and press who are staying at Malvedos, so  no doubt we shall see them in the next day or two.

Excellent Tinta Roriz Colours

Today I received the final analysis on the Tinta Roriz lagares and was amazed by the colour results. We measure the red pigment colour which gives a rough indication of the level of anthocyanins present in the wine and these registered the highest pigment levels since my first vintage here at Malvedos in 2000!  This is yet another sign of the excellent overall quality of the 2011 vintage to date.

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