A wet start at Malvedos

I woke up with a start at 0640am this morning with what sounded like someone banging on my door. It took me a few moments to realize it was a heavy downpour of rain that had woken me. The spell of summer weather since we arrived on the 14th September has at last been broken.

Then at 0720am just as I was finishing shaving there was a power cut – &$#! This often happens here when there is rain, with a clap of thunder and lightening taking out the local electricity grid. This was worrying to say the least as wineries and power cuts do not exactly go hand in hand and everything, pumps, robotic lagares, crusher etc just grinds to a halt. If you have to to fortify a lagar and the pumps don’t work you have a problem…

Fortunately at 0755am electricity was restored and we were back in business.

Now at 0830 there is still a light drizzle. At this late stage in the harvest with picking finishing tomorrow this rain will not affect the quality of the grapes either way, but it has cooled down the temperature and settled the dust at least.

 Arlindo came down in the lorry to borrow some waterproofs for the pickers.Arlindos lorry in the rain

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