Afternoon Lesson in Douro DOC

Pedro and the giant grape
Marta reads the fine print
Pedro Correia, SFE Douro DOC winemaker

The shop at Graham’s Lodge stocks a representative sample of all the wines made by Symington Family Estates, both Ports and Douro DOC wines.  Naturally, our staff need to know about all of our products, so they can answer visitors’ questions.

With that in mind, Pedro Correia, head winemaker for all Symington Douro DOC wines, came to the lodge in the afternoon to introduce our dry wine range to the team.  The session started with a lesson in grape biology, and a review of how dry wines are made differently from fortified port.  Pedro then reviewed each of our Douro DOC wines, explaining what grapes are used and from which quintas they are sourced, how the wines are made and aged, and finally, how best to enjoy them – serving temperatures and food pairings.

From there, we moved down to the Lodge’s wine bar for a tasting of the range of Altano Douro DOC wines, which come from three quintas in the Vilariça valley in the northeast corner of the Douro.  Pedro did double duty, answering questions as winemaker whilst doing quite a good job as sommelier, serving.  The team thoroughly enjoyed the wines and had lots of good questions about details of production and marketing.

I learned something I never knew about Pedro:  he never holds still.  59 photos I took and 57 1/2 are blurred – he moves faster than a camera shutter!

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