First Day Wrap-up

Henry wrote late last night:

Malvedos 23:07:

Tinta Barroca in the lagar, 23:20 on 20 Sept

The 1st lagar of Barroca is being trodden as I write and the 4 hours ‘work’ we give every lagar will be over at 12:00. Now after 3 hours treading the colour is beginning to look very good.

I was in the vineyard with Alexandre Mariz one of our viticulturalists this afternoon and we went and checked out the Barroca blocks that we will be picking tomorrow – 89, 90, 91, 81 and 79 – all also planted in 1989. I must say this year the Barroca grapes are looking particularly good, with very healthy sturdy looking bunches and the berries are sweet and full of flavour.

Around 4 o’clock there were some claps of thunder in the distance but no rain fortunately materialized at Malvedos. Fingers crossed it will stay good from now on.

In summary:  23 people in the vineyard today picked 12,044 kilos of barroca, which is 534 kilos per person on average.

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