Further re Tasting Glasses

A reader asked about the tasting glasses Charles uses in the tasting room.  The other day I was able to get a photo of his technical glass alongside one of our standard Graham’s glasses which we use to serve Port to our visitors at the Lodge.

As you can see, the Sala da Prova glass is very narrow, quite a closed tulip shape – look at the size of the rim versus the Lodge glass!  Charles commented that it was not actually easy to drink from, and your blogger can attest to that.  But it does concentrate the aromas fabulously, which is what Charles needs when he is working.

If you are interested in more technical discussion of wine glasses, read about a comparative tasting of Vintage Port from a wide range of Riedel glasses, and about Charles’s discussion of that tasting and the differences he experienced in the glasses.

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2 thoughts on “Further re Tasting Glasses

  1. Hello Julian! These are made in Portugal, supplied commercially for the wine trade. I don’t know if they are available “retail” or not, let me try to find out for you. Thanks! Cynthia

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