Getting Ready for Maturation Studies

Steve Rogerson in his office

A recent visit to Steve Rogerson, our research enologist, found him working behind a growing pile of boxes.  He is already gathering supplies to take up to the Douro in the next few weeks, in preparation for the maturation studies that mark the countdown to harvest.

Steve was also busy reviewing all his data from the past years, and preparing fresh spreadsheets and charts so that as the analysis is completed on this year’s grape samples, he can enter the statistics and immediately see how we are doing compared to prior years.  This data analysis will not only help us to assess conditions and plan timing and picking orders for this year’s harvest, but forms part of a long term database which is fundamental to many of his ongoing research projects.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Maturation Studies

  1. I must launch this year’s ‘vintage countdown’ on The Port Forum soon – could someone give Miles a nudge, so we can have a better idea of the story so far – the Douro Insider reports are getting a bit behind..

    – Cheers!

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