Graham’s 2012 Harvest Begins

Picking Tinta Amarela at Graham’s Quinta do Tua 8:00 am, just as the sun is coming over the mountain top behind us

The 2012 Port harvest began today, at Graham’s Quinta do Tua.  Our caseiro, Arlindo, arrived in the vineyard at 7:00 AM sharp with the picking team, and work began at a parcel of Tinta Amarela located just behind the old walled vineyards.

This is a young plantation and therefore just a little more vulnerable to the extraordinarily dry conditions this year, so the decision was made to harvest this Tinta Amarela and another plantation of young Sousão today and tomorrow.

Tinta Amarela Quinta do Tua
Ripe, slightly dehydrated and concentrated Tinta Amarela
Picking the Sousao at Graham’s Quinta do Tua

Alexandre Mariz, our viticulturist, stopped by to check on progress, confer with Arlindo on the paperwork for both the pickers and the grapes and wish the picking team well for the harvest season.  He said the grapes are showing a good baumé of 14.7º, and pointed out the slight dehydration, which looks like “washerwoman’s fingers”, which helps concentrate the flavour – the grapes did taste good!

By 10:00 the team had finished the Tinta Amarela and moved on to the Sousão.  We expect to spend just two days harvesting this week then take a break for the weekend, before we open the Malvedos winery and begin picking across all Graham’s quintas on Monday.

The weather is clear, warm and dry – a perfect start to the harvest.

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4 thoughts on “Graham’s 2012 Harvest Begins

  1. Best of luck with the harvest – and keep up the great work telling us what’s happening. We love to hear the news.

    1. Thank you both, Augusto and Alex – the picking team was in the Sousão at the far eastern end of the quinta this morning, and will be picking the walled vinhas velhas later today and tomorrow. More news to come!!

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