Graham’s Lodge Renovations

For the past 120 years the Graham’s Lodge has played a critical role in creating our legendary wines, as the warehouse in which we gently age Graham’s ports in cask and in bottle.  For more than 20 years we have welcomed visitors to the Lodge and shown them how great Port is made and how it tastes.  But now, previously un-used space is being re-designed to create an unparalleled experience for the more than 60,000 Port lovers who visit us each year.

Paul Symington, right, consulting with other key members of the Lodge project. In a few months, the space where they are standing will be a restaurant.

Last June we announced the official inauguration of works at the Graham’s Lodge.  Since then, Paul Symington, Chairman and Joint Managing Director, has been making regular tours of the site to inspect the progress of the works.  He knows the Lodge intimately and takes a keen interest in every detail of the project, from the discovery of hitherto unsuspected architectural details, to the logistics of the construction project, to the “flow” of the tourist visit from one area to another.  Paul is very keen that our guests be able to appreciate this unique and historic building as well as the story of Graham’s and the wine making and ageing processes that create our superb Port wines.  As he toured the site recently Paul remarked, “We already have the friendliest and most knowledgeable Lodge team in town, now we will have the best space in which to welcome and entertain our visitors.”

This will be your view as you relax on the veranda outside the restaurant with a glass of Graham's Port.

In addition to a new entrance area, tasting room and shop, the renovated Lodge will include a museum and purpose-built multi-media room.  But the most eagerly anticipated change will be the opening of the restaurant.  The wine list will include the full array of Graham’s Ports and a selection of Ports from other Symington Family  Estates brands, as well as the SFE Douro DOC wines.  Naturally the menu will offer visitors the opportunity to taste our wines in combination with superb food.  We can already imagine our guests relaxing on the veranda overlooking the spectacular view upriver, and debating the best dish and flavour combination to enhance their appreciation of, for example, our 20 Year Old Tawny or a fine older Vintage Port.

Watch the Blog and our Facebook page in the coming months as we begin to reveal more details of the project leading up to the grand opening later in the year.

Throughout the project the Lodge continues to be open to visitors as always – see the Graham’s Port Lodge website for more details of opening hours and visits.

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8 thoughts on “Graham’s Lodge Renovations

  1. Thank you Ari-Heikki! We look forward to welcoming you to the Lodge and restaurant later this year!

  2. The location, the view and the wines being on top, we expect nothing less from the renovations.
    Looking forward to see the result next time in V.N. Gaia.

  3. Congratulations. It will be a nice space, a very good space!


    1. Robert and Augusto – Thank you both for the good wishes! Still much work to go, but we are very excited about it and look forward to welcoming all our friends to the new space later in the year!

  4. Can’t wait for it to be done…so next time I’m over there I can enjoy the “new” place. keep the pictures of the work-in-progress coming.

    1. Hi Andy! We’re looking forward too – to the completion of the project and your next visit too!

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