Harvest 2010 Coverage Wrap Up

We thought it would be fun to try to summarise the harvest in a few pithy numbers, so I sent out emails requesting some information.  Suffice to say, it wasn’t that easy.  Some of the replies were too good not to share in full.

I asked Henry to sum up the activity at the winery, and he replied

192 beers – not much really!
21 Lagares fermented

From Charles Symington, I asked for production numbers and the mileage on this car:

No problem on numbers at Malvedos: we produced an overall 297 pipes, an average in 2010 of 1.09 Kg per vine, against an overall average of 1.05 Kg, a very balanced production in what has been a very satisfying vintage.

I have done about 2500 Km this harvest which is not that much considering the time this takes with average speed being very low, my tyres are looking worn, not to mention the other tyres from eating far too much over the same period!

My son Martin loves grapes, looks like he’s in the right place, have a sneaky feeling that he may have gained a tyre or two as well…

I tried asking Jackie Thurn-Valsassina about how many visitors we’d had through Malvedos, I had counted 166 on one schedule for the three weeks of harvest, she said there were so many more who were scheduled last minute she couldn’t be sure, and very often people stop in just to visit the winery when they pass by, unscheduled.  The Symingtons and Jackie do so much entertaining at the house, with meals and special tastings, I was curious how many bottles of wine our guests had enjoyed – answer:  “almost impossible to control!”

Finally, I asked our head viticulturalist, Pedro Leal da Costa about his mileage, and the answer was 7500 km, or 4,660 miles.  Playing around on my map, I figure if he could have driven all that in a straight line from Porto across the Atlantic he would have ended up somewhere in the Texarkana; alternatively he could have gone deep into Siberia.  In fact, he did it all criss-crossing an area roughly 60 km by 27 km on incredibly winding roads.

As for the blog, between us all writing since the first grapes were cut at Tua we’ve racked up 26,593 words and I have about 2,000 photos in my files.

It has been hard work but a lot of fun, and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.  Please take this opportunity to send us your comments, either here or on Facebook, and give us your feedback, we love hearing from you.  Also let us know any topics that you might like to read about over the next 11 months before we start the 2011 vintage season.

So, this concludes our special Harvest coverage; we will now return to our regularly scheduled blogging!  Thank you.

Cynthia, Henry and the toneis at Malvedos. Photo copyright Mário Proença
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8 thoughts on “Harvest 2010 Coverage Wrap Up

  1. Well done guys! I bet the wines from 2010 will be great in quality because the quality of your work is also immense! Um abraço

    1. Obrigada, Raul. Henry and the others from Gaia have been given a few days off, I suspect they are all still sleeping, so I will say thank you on behalf of everyone! I know they appreciated your message earlier in the harvest, too. beijinhos.

  2. Well done guys. Really enjoyed following the vindima from London. Although the frequent and interesting updates made me very sad not to be in the Douro! Really great effort with the blog. All the best,

    1. This means a lot, from you, thanks so much, I hoped it would be as near to being there as could be. Sorry we missed the one weekend you were up. Take care.

  3. Muitos parabéns e um grande obrigado por esta cobertura da vindima super informativa e detalhada.
    Aprendeu-se muito por aqui sobre a dinâmica de vindima no Douro.
    Já desde a vindima passada que acompanho o blog e a actualização constante especialmente em período de vindima é muito enriquecedora.
    Já agora gostava de saber qual foi o peso final da equipa após esta longa vindima.

    1. Olá Rui, obrigada pelos seus simpáticos comentários. Sobre o peso final, alguém arrumou a balança antes de nos termos pesados outra vez!

  4. Cynthia,

    Loved your blog; really enjoyed it during the harvest and hope you continue to post blog entries from time to time. It will be really interesting for us port fiends to learn more detail of what happens in the vineyards and wineries over the next couple of months.


    1. Alex, thank you from all of us who slaved over hot computers during harvest! We are fully committed to continuing on a regular basis year round, never fear, just all taking a bit of a deep breath, doing some planning, and also some work behind the scenes to improve the site. Stay tuned, you’ll see some new content shortly, I hope you will enjoy. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, through the comment function or directly to us at blogadmin at grahams-port dot com.

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