Lunch for the Crew

The winemaking team from Malvedos drive over to join the winemaking team at Tua for lunch and dinner every day.  The food is straightforward, hearty regional cooking.

This is one variation of the dish that named residents of Porto “Tripeiros” – Tripe eaters.

Beans, bits of pork and chouriça (a smoke-cured pork sausage) and tripe.  If you don’t already know what tripe is… you may not want to know.  We will leave you to look it up for yourself if you dare.  Suffice to say, the few flies that strayed into the dining room took one fly-by and broke for the window as fast as they could.  On the other hand, the eight men at my table happily tucked away two big platters of it, and started on this third one.  Personally, I can vouch for the beans and chouriça being excellent, and I doubt I will be hungry again today.

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