Malvedos 21:45 Wednesday 22 September

Arlindo (caseiro) and Mariz (viticulturalist) up in the first Roriz vineyard to be picked Wed

Its only the third day but already a lot seems to have happened since we arrived on Monday. We are getting really busy and time passes in a blur most of the time.

The Barroca has now all been picked, giving three and a half lagares, with the last load coming in mid-afternoon today. The  half lagar will now be topped up with Tinta Roriz which is next on the picking order.

I was with Arlindo and Mariz this afternoon when the ‘roga’ began picking the Roriz from the vineyard just above and to the West of the Quinta house and we are all quite pleased with the quality.

In Summary Barroca:

The average yield of Barroca at Malvedos over the last 13 years is 1.19Kg per vine. This year yields were a good way below average at 0.98Kg per vine (This in part due to the fact that conditions here during flowering were not ideal, and therefore the characteristic long bunches are quite loose this year).

These low yields have undoubtedly contributed to high quality of the fruit and one of the reasons it has ripened so well. This year the Barrocas have shown very good concentration; balanced fresh fruit flavours, with perhaps a little less of the jammy characteristic it often has. Baumés have been good in all lagars and this will allow for longer fermentations and contribute to the structure and complexity of the final Ports made.

In summary Winery:

Tinta Roriz blok in Malvedos - Looking downriver with Quinta de Roriz in the distance

We fortified the first lagar of Barroca after lunch today; the second one, picked yesterday is now fermenting strongly, and the third picked and filled today is being trodden tonight. Tomorrow morning we will finish filling the Barroca/Roriz lagar. Colours are looking good at this stage – always a good indicator for the future.

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