Malvedos Monday 11th October

Tiny Tino Cão bunches
The last grapes of 2010 heading to their lagar at Malvedos

Today was the last day of harvesting. The 19 pickers encouraged by Arlindo swept through the last of the Franca and the Tinto Cão at Malvedos in the morning and then moved to Tua to finish off the Franca there in the afternoon.  The last tractor arrived at the winery and was unloaded at 4pm amid tired smiles from the winery team.  Arlindo was positively beaming as his job is now done!

(Note from Cynthia:  I happened to be walking back to Tua just as the final cavalcade of pickers and tractors returned to Malvedos, whooping and hollering and blowing their horns!  All visibly very tired and very happy!)

In the winery we continued with corrections and fortifications. The last lagar we filled with the grapes picked today came in at 12.8º Baumé which is really great and it is now getting its 4 hours treading. Tomorrow night it will be fortified and that will be our last fortification for this year’s vintage.

At dinner time there were heavy downpours but thankfully this no longer affects us at all, as all our grapes are now in house.

Tomorrow the cleaning begins!

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