Malvedos Sunday 10th October

At 07.14 it was overcast and grey but there was no threat of rain. As the morning progressed the sun came out between interspersed clouds.  There was a shower at 14:30 but within 10 minutes it was gone.

Mariz and Henry chatting with Arlindo in the next terrace above

Mariz and I went up to near the top of the Quinta to take a look at the Touriga Franca from block 7 which is planted just above the Tinto Cão and we again thankfully saw no signs of rot.  This is great news especially as the picking is likely to finish tomorrow.  When the Cão is finished at Malvedos tomorrow morning there is just a little Franca to finish off at Tua and then we are all done.

Only a little more to go at top of quinta - all the white blocks in middle are non-vineyard parcels

We also visited the Tinto Cão which is just a small block with 3.475 vines planted in 1987. This will be picked straight after the Malvedos Franca is finished and then we are done picking at Malvedos for this year.  Today was another good day for the pickers who sent in 12.788Kgs to the winery

Tonight we are having our end of harvest dinner one day earlier than normal, the reason being that António, who is a Senior Police Sergeant and is in charge of a police station in Peniche (not too far from Lisbon), is back on duty tomorrow. He’s originally from the Douro and likes to come back for the harvest every year.  Last year he informed me that my MOT (car inspection) had expired and I was driving around illegally – he didn’t fine though!

Off to the dinner now – but more of that later…

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