Malvedos Tuesday 12th October

Today we spent all day clearing up and carrying out deep cleaning at the winery.  Everything is washed: the floor, the lagares, the feet, the boxes, the pumps, the hoses, the sorting carpet – you name it and it’s all shiny before we leave.

Fonseca cleaning under the lagars with a water gun
Pedro and Juca washing the crates with water guns

The team was also doing some aguardente corrections to a few of the finished wines during the day and at 8pm just after we got back from dinner we fortified the last fermentation – yippee!

I am still waiting for a couple more results from the laboratory tomorrow morning and so hopefully we will be finished here by tomorrow evening and go home.  Tomorrow there will only be Fonseca, Juca and myself left at the winery as all the rest of the team have left this evening.

Dragging out the sorting table early morning 20 September
Dragging it back again 12 October
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