Malvedos Wednesday 13th October

View from the railway bridge up the Rio Tua gorge

This was our last day and we spent the morning finishing up cleaning and sending off the last paperwork.

We had lunch at Tua as usual and it was such a nice day that I could not resist walking back to Malvedos along the railway bridge.  It’s a fineable offence but oh what a view!

Just after lunch we got the latest laboratory results and did our last 4 aguardente corrections in the afternoon.  Charles came by at 4pm and we had a look at all the wines made in 2010.  Overall we were both very pleased with the quality of the wines made this year, and my particular favourites were the Nacional lagares.

The spotlessly clean winery is locked up till harvest 2011

He gave Fonseca, Juca and myself Thursday and Friday off (it has been 24 days nonstop since we arrived on the 20th September) and we are all looking forward to a good rest at home.

Goodbye for 2010!

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