Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Monday, 24 September

Early morning at Malvedos 24 September
Picking the east facing Touriga Nacional near the top of Quinta dos Malvedos

There were some more showers last night, but this morning the clouds have cleared and it’s a relatively cool temperature. Throughout the day there were some threatening clouds but fortunately no more rain fell.

Today our viticulturist, Alexandre Mariz, Harry and I went to visit the pickers, who were in the East of the Quinta near the ‘Mario Assunção’ house.  We tasted the grapes which were particularly fruity in flavour and should make a great wine. They picked Nacional again all day and the bunches were dry despite yesterday’s rain.  The strong winds that we experienced yesterday had fortunately completely dried them out.

On the way back to the winery we stopped by what used to be Tinta Roriz block 30, which is now being re-terraced and will be re-planted  as part of an on-going program of vineyard renovations for Graham’s.  The vineyard will be planted with Touriga Franca as this grape variety will benefit the most from the block´s low lying position just above the river and its south facing aspect with plenty of sunlight.  Planting should start next February.  While we were there some demolition charges were being placed to clear the larger rocks.

We have now fortified the Touriga Nacional lagar from Tua (six in the morning!) and this evening will tread the second Nacional lagar from Malvedos.

Graham’s team at the Calça Curta in Tua

This evening was quiet and so we took the opportunity to eat at our regular haunt, the Calça Curta, which is the best restaurant in Tua.  It was (L to R in photo) Fonseca, Juca, Eliana, Harry, Tiago, Henry, and Mr. Fix It – David, and we had the polvo (octopus) and the posta (a huge steak!) with the football on in the background.  Eliana, from our Marketing Department, has just arrived to supervise the filming of the new video for the Graham’s Lodge in Gaia, and it is great to have her with us for the next few days.

If you are keen for more news of the harvest both here at Graham’s and for all the Symington Port brands, please visit the blog on The Vintage Port Site, where our harvest blogger, Cynthia, is also writing.  Yesterday she posted a summary of the state of harvest to date at all five Graham’s quintas.

Re-building the old Tinta Roriz vineyard at Malvedos
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