Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Saturday, 29 September

This morning the temperatures were mild and it turned into a warm sunny day, perfect conditions in which to fine tune the ripeness of our Touriga Franca to perfection.

It was a quiet day in the winery today as we were not receiving grapes.  As I knew it would be calmer today I called in the bagaço truck to take out the marc.  This is the solid  material left after we have pressed the last drops of wine out of the pips and skins from the cap which rises during fermentation.  After each pressing we empty this dry cake-like material into bags and stack them up beside the back door of the winery.  Periodically during harvest the bagaço truck arrives to take this away, to someone who distills it to make marc.

We arrived at 8:oo am to the winery for bracing start to the day and work up an appetite for breakfast.  Asking the team to lug 6,000 Kg first thing in the morning did not exactly make me popular!


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3 thoughts on “Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Saturday, 29 September

    1. Augusto, we post the next morning about the prior day… look for the report about 1st October on the morning of the 2nd. But it is another beautiful day here, and we look forward to receiving more grapes this morning. Thanks!

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