Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Thursday 27 September

Malvedos Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca plantations, 9:45 in the morning 27 September
Touriga Nacional planted 2005

At 07:30 it was a cool and clear morning with just a little mist in the valley.  The afternoon was sunny and warm rather than hot (like last week) and just what we need to get the Touriga Franca at perfect maturity for picking next week.

We picked Touriga Nacional all day from the patamares (soil banked terraces) below the Valdossa house.  These parcels were planted in 2005 and are now producing some excellent grapes and this evening we will be treading our 3rd lagar of Malvedos Nacional.

Tomorrow we will fill a mixed lagar with the last of the Touriga Nacional and some old vine (planted 1984) Tinta Amarela.  We have made Nacional / Amarela lagares in the past with excellent results.  Given the maturity of the fruit I therefore think we can expect a structured and intensely fragrant wine with good acidity from this lagar before we move to the Touriga Franca next week.

Today was another busy day with a late night shift, including fortifications and transfers.

As we will be suspending the vintage over the weekend we will be posting our mid-vintage review tomorrow.  Samples from each of the ports have been prepared and are ready for tasting tomorrow morning – we will be tasting Barrocas, a field blend of old vines (vinha velha), and the Nacionals so far.

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