Malvedos Winemaker's Update: Tuesday, 25 September

7:00 AM sky over Tua was promising…

This morning it was decidedly cool and overcast, but with no rain and some wind. By mid-morning the wind dropped and there was some light rain which became heavier towards lunch time. After lunch by mid afternoon it had cleared up and we expect the weather to clear further overnight.

Today the pickers continued with the Malvedos Nacional, however, due to a heavy downpour during the lunch break it was decided to stop picking so we did not receive any more grapes in the afternoon. This allowed us to turn our attention to making several adjustments to the wines that have already been made.

Henry and Gonçalo showing our Angolan distributors the lagares

After having received the full analysis for some of our wines, Juca and Paulo were able to begin making some final corrections to the alcoholic strength and pH by the respective additions of aguardente and tartaric acid.

This afternoon we received some visitors from our Angolan distributor Cinco Sentidos accompanied by Gonçalo Brito who were very interested to see how the automated lagars worked and they also tasted some of our 2012 Ports.

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