Never Thought We’d See This

As Miles has observed before, whatever may be the feelings between the sales teams of the port houses, among the viticulteurs and wine makers there is a lot of respect and co-operation.

As witness today:  at a special tasting at the Factory House in Porto, it was David Guimaraens, winemaker for The Fladgate Partnership (makers of Taylor’s, Fonseca and Croft) who insisted the Graham’s 2000 Vintage Port be properly decanted when it was brought up from the cellar at the last minute for an additional un-planned tasting flight, and showed us all how:

Meanwhile, it appears Charles Symington, Graham’s own winemaker, was pouring himself a particularly generous serving – not a tasting sample, a serving – of the Fonseca Porto Guimaraens Vintage Port 2001.

More about this extraordinary tasting event in an upcoming blog … stay tuned!

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