New Year, New Header

Thank you to all our readers for your feedback and votes for the new header image for the Graham’s Port blog.  As you can see, the favourite – by quite a margin – was the tasting lineup at the Graham’s Lodge.  One of our readers put it very well in his comment on our original post:

…Every tasting is a moment of truth – when all the efforts of the dashing Douro and the Port people are gathered in a glass.

All of us at Graham’s are looking forward to the new year and some exciting developments we have planned, as well as the unfolding of the viticultural year in our Douro quintas.  We invite you to follow all the news here in the Blog and through Graham’s Facebook page and Twitter.

The Symington family and everyone at Graham’s and Symington Family Estates wish all of you the very best for a happy and prosperous 2012.

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6 thoughts on “New Year, New Header

  1. Dear Cynthia

    Nice to see my Port prose on the Blog.

    Best Vintage Port tasted in 2011 was to me Dow’s VT 1970 (Magnum) tasted with The Wine Company and Gustavo Devesas on the 9th, November.
    (Dow’s VT 70-77-85-94-97-00-03, LBV 05, Colh.86,99 and SdR 08).

    Best wishes from The Danish Port Wine Club est. 1981 for the New Port Year to the Graham’s guys and girls, and the Symington clan.


    1. Hi Robert, Sounds as if you had a wonderful year for Port just in that one evening alone! Thank you for your kind wishes, I will make sure my colleagues received them! Best wishes to you and the Club as well!

    2. Hi, again

      In fact I had three Port heavy and heavenly days in November 2011, with the Copenhagen Port Wine Festival on 7th, and a super-single-Senhora Club tasting on 8th, with Gustavo and The Wine Company as special guests.
      (Q. Senhora da Ribeira VT 1998-99-01-02-04-06-08-09 and Vale do Bomfim 09).
      Hard Port Wine work but somebody had to do it:)

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