OIV Award Winner

You may recall that Graham’s was well represented at the recent OIV International Congress of Vine and Wine, with Steve Rogerson (research enologist) and Paulo Macedo (viticulturalist) both presenting summaries of their recent research in poster format, and Charles Symington making an oral and slide presentation about the robotic lagares which he and his father Peter Symington invented in the late 90s.  The lagares have been in use for the past 11 years at Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos, and during that time we have monitored the quality of the wines and our research has compared them – very favourably – with the wines made by traditional foot treading.

The OIV has awarded a prize for Best Oral Communication to Charles Symington for his presentation “Constructing Quality Ports with Automated Robotic Lagares” which was one of 32 in the conference program about “Designing for Wine.”  Whilst Charles made the presentation at the conference, the research work behind it was a combined effort between Charles, Steve Rogerson, António Serôdio (one of our winemakers at the time of the development of the lagares), and Paul Symington.

No doubt one reason the presentation was recognised was not only for the quality of the research, but because the presentation itself was rather entertaining, as Charles included side by side video clips of treading by foot versus treading by robotic lagar.  The clips were edited from this video, which is also available  on Graham’s YouTube Channel:

We are very proud that Charles and our winemaking and research team, and the cutting edge research and development we have done and continue to do at Graham’s and Symington Family Estates has been recognised by the OIV, a prestigious inter-governmental scientific and technical organization focussed on encouraging and disseminating the latest research in viticultural and oenological subjects.

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