Support for Soldier’s Charities

The Symington family support a number of charities and causes through their various Port brands, and recently Graham’s sister brand, Warre’s, has made a substantial donation to Help for Heroes, a UK organisation that supports wounded soldiers and their families.

In 1809 Captain William Warre, born and raised in Porto and one of the family that founded the oldest British Port company, was part of the Duke of Wellington’s Anglo-Portuguese army which freed Porto from French occupation during the Peninsular War.  Captain Warre led efforts to cut off the French escape from Porto, and in recognition of his bravery was decorated with the highest Portuguese military honour, the Order of São Bento d’Aviz.

Last June the Symingtons released a limited edition of just 500 cases of Warre’s 2009 Vintage Port to commemorate the freedom of Porto and committed to donate the proceeds of the sale of the wine in the UK and Portugal to soldier’s charities in each country.

Last week, Paul was in England together with his cousin Clare Symington, to present a cheque for £18,240 to Help for Heroes.  This group provides direct practical support for wounded soldiers and their families through a series of programs, including physical rehabilitation, combat stress treatment, and training for new skills and qualifications to re-enter civilian life when they have recovered from injuries or illness sustained in service to their country.

Bryn Parry, CEO and Co-founder of Help for Heroes, received the donation, saying “We are very honoured that Warre’s Port and the Symington family chose to mark this anniversary with this donation to Help for Heroes.  It’s heartening to think that the actions of one soldier 200 years ago have gone towards helping fellow soldiers in another era.  H4H is all about ‘doing your bit’ and Warre’s support is fantastic.  The money raised is greatly needed and it is hugely appreciated; ensuring the wounded and their families get the support they deserve, for life.  On behalf of everyone at Help for Heroes and all those who the money will benefit, thank you.’

Next week in Porto Paul will meet with representatives of the Liga dos Combatentes, to present €3,550, the proceeds of the sale of the Warre’s 2009 in Portugal.

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