The Malvedos gate opens

DSC_0064We passed a very pleasant weekend at Malvedos. The perfect weather that we have grown accustomed to stayed with us, and made my family’s visit all that much more pleasant. We started the weekend on Saturday with Rupert, who invited the winery team up for a beer at the end of the day.

I took full advantage of the election day pause in the vintage on Sunday and enjoyed the day with my family and friends who were also visiting the quinta. First order of business was to weigh the children using the scale in the reception area.


There was still work to be done however, as Rupert had not forgotten about getting the old original Malvedos gate open. We set off together, dogs and kids in tow, on this very serious endeavour, and with a little effort, were rewarded with the squeak of rusty hinges, as one of the doors swing open, for the first time in some (many?) years. It was a very satisfying way to start the day (the second door, however, thwarted all efforts. The tractor was not employed).





Another beautiful Douro sunrise on Monday morning. My family has departed for Oporto. Soon the Franca will be coming in and we will be back in business.


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