The ‘Vinhaço’ truck is called in

7000Kg of Bagaço to load
7000Kg of Vinhaço to load

I called in the ‘Vinhaço’ truck in this morning to take away the marc from the press.

Every time we fortify a lagar we take out the free run must first and then the skins are passed through the press in order to get the ‘press wine’ which can then be added to the free run, according to Charles’ instructions.

The compacted skins or marc that comes out of the end of the press is packed into plastic ‘vindima bags’. These bags are heavy and each lagar gives around 50 bags.  Loading these in the truck to be taken away for distillation is as you can imagine not one of the most popular jobs in the winery.

Much to my surprise the 7000Kgs worth of bags were loaded in just 45 minutes – the day off yesterday must have done them some good!

Loading the bags onto the truck
Loading the bags onto the truck
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