Turn of the Year in the Douro

Paul Symington escapes to his own Quinta das Netas (in the Pinhão Valley) every chance he gets, and the New Year’s weekend was no exception.  From the photos he has passed along, taken on the 31st December, 2011 ended on a clear and sunny but decidedly frosty note, with the thermometer at freezing and a thin mist winding through the valleys.

Pruning has begun, as can be seen in the photos of the old vines and Touriga Francesa (planted before the name was officially changed to Touriga Franca!), but still work to go on his younger vines.  Paul is very hands-on in the management of his quinta, working with our viticulturist Miles Edlmann to plan the year round work and the harvest at Netas.


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3 thoughts on “Turn of the Year in the Douro

    1. Hi Ari-Heikki! Yes, the light across the frosty ground is beautifully captured I think. Greetings from Vila Nova de Gaia, and best wishes for the new year to you!

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