Viticultural Award from Revista de Vinhos

Vineyards looking northeast from house at Malvedos

Revista de Vinhos has awarded its Viticultural award for 2011 to Symington Family Estates, calling SFE a national leader in sustainable viticulture, citing the fact that all our vineyards are farmed under a “minimum intervention” regime and 130 hectares are farmed organically.  In addition they praise our advances in vineyard management, training, mapping and analysing the productivity of our vineyards with GPS and infrared technology, as well as our viticultural research (into matters such as cover crops, erosion, and pest control) and work on protecting and promoting native Portuguese grape varieties.

All of this is accomplished with an incredibly talented and focussed team of viticulturists who together are responsible for the largest area of vineyard farmed by any one producer in the Douro valley, 947 hectares.  In fact, as they also care for the olive, citrus and almond groves and entire quinta environment, they are responsible for almost double that area of land.

Charles Symington as head winemaker oversees the production side together with the head of the viticultural team, Pedro Leal da Costa.  Working with them is a team of just seven:

  • Alexandre Mariz (Malvedos, Tua, the quintas in Vale de Vilariça)
  • Miles Edlmann (Vila Velha, Cavadinha and adjacent quintas in the Pinhão Valley)
  • Paulo Macedo (Lages, Bomfim and quintas in the Rio Torto valley)
  • Mário Natario (Vale de Malhadas and Vesuvio)
  • Artur Moreira (mapping and special projects)
  • Ricardo Carvalho (Sra Ribeira, Canais and adjacent quintas in Douro Superior)
  • Luis Coelho (Prats & Symington’s Quinta de Roriz)

Each of these viticulturists has responsibility for the day to day management of specific quintas as well as playing a specialist role within the team, such as research, mapping, liaison with the regional authorities, etc.  In addition, each of our viticulturists turns winemaker at one of the Symington adegas during harvest.  The one exception is Alexandre Mariz, who vinifies the grapes from his own family’s quintas and is one of the very few farmers to supply finished wines to Graham’s, rather than grapes.

Congratulations to the team for this well deserved recognition!

This slideshow features the viticultural team who work on the Graham’s vineyards


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  1. Congratulations to SFE and to all you mention here, and particulary to Alexandre, we had work together, some years ago.


  2. Congratulations also to Paul Symington for the award he had receive!

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