We Have a Winner

We are pleased to announce that Catarina has won our contest, correctly identifying all seven Symington family members as well as António and Miles.  A case of 6 bottles of Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage 1999 and a bottle of our 40 Year Old Tawny will be sent out to her home, here in Portugal.  Catarina enjoys Graham’s and has visited our Lodge in Gaia – clearly she paid attention during her tour!  Congratulations Catarina!

The correct answer is:
1- Dominic Symington (son of Michael, brother of Paul and cousin of John, Charles and Rupert)
2- Michael Symington (Father of Dominic and Paul)
8- Isabel (wife of Michael Symington and mother of Paul and Dominic)
9- António Silvano (Caseiro at Quinta da Cavadinha)
19- Paul Symington (Son of Michael, brother of Dominic and cousin of John, Charles and Rupert)
23- Charles Symington (cousin of Dominic, Paul, John and Rupert)
25- Miles Edlmann
26- John Symington (cousin of Paul, Dominic, Charles and Rupert)
27- Rupert Symington (cousin of John, Paul, Charles and Dominc)

On the other hand, your blogger learned a hard lesson in proofreading, and has forfeit a bottle of wine to Miles for having mis-spelled his name in the original post (now fixed)!

Thank you to everyone who responded to the contest!

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