16 September Malvedos Winery Update

Mariz and Henry tasting grapes

Although the weather forecast predicted a slight drop in temperature today, in reality it turned out to be another very hot and sunny day at Malvedos.

This morning while it was relatively cooler Mariz and I went to visit the blocks of Barroca that would be picked during the day, 89, 91, 90, 81 and 79 in that order.  These are South facing and just below 92 that was finished yesterday afternoon.  We tasted berries from each parcel and were very pleased with the overall quality of the fruit – full of sweet berry fruit flavours and with soft skins that stained our fingers a good red.

Tua patamares in progress

From there we drove to nearby Quinta do Tua to look at some young Touriga Nacional that will be picked during next week and vinified in the Malvedos lagares.  This parcel looks particularly promising and should yield approximately one full lagar of 11,500 kilos.

After reviewing the grapes we stopped by the new vineyard which is still being sculpted into new patamares for planting this winter with Touriga Nacional and Touriga Francesa.  The patamares that are being hewn out of the mountainside are beginning to look simply amazing.  

Back at Malvedos, Charles looked in on us in the afternoon and was clearly pleased with the colour of the Barroca musts.  We discussed the picking order and it was decided that following the Barroca we will move on to the Tinta Amarela.  These two varieties will keep the roga (gang of pickers) busy for the next couple of days.

During that time, further vineyard visits will enable us to fine tune exactly which variety will be picked next and the exact order of the parcels.  The attention to detail in this aspect is critical to the quality of the wine produced at Malvedos and flexibility is key.

Tinta Barroca picked and awaiting transport to the adega at Malvedos

Arlindo had 24 pickers today who brought in 13,090 Kilos, which gave us a second full lagar of Barroca.  The first, trodden Thursday night, is now fermenting strongly and the second picked today is undergoing its four hour ‘corte’ of treading as I write.

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