19 September Malvedos Winery Update

Opening the winery at 07:00 it was a lovely fresh and cool morning with a bright blue sky and great luminosity.  It turned out a hot day in the afternoon.

Vineyard update

Carlos and Fonseca collecting must as the Touriga Nacional enters the lagar

Arlindo had 24 pickers in the roga today and during the morning they picked all of the Tinta Amarela of which there are three small South facing blocks, 57, 61 and 62 (see map) at Malvedos. These filled approximately half a lagar. Yields were even lower than the Barroca at a mere 740g per vine, which is excellent for concentration as this represents less than the equivalent of a bottle per vine!  From there the roga moved to Quinta do Tua to complete the lagar with some young Touriga Nacional. From the colour as it’s treading, I’m expecting something special to come out of this one.  More on this as it develops though.

Carlos celebrates his birthday with Tinta Roriz
Charles and Peter tasting the first lagar of Barroca finished wine
Juca, Charles and Henry double checking the temperature of the must

By mid-afternoon the pickers were back in Malvedos and we received the first Tinta Roriz grapes at 15:15.  Carlos the ‘Birthday Boy’ who’s 27 today picked out two full bunches of Roriz to show me.  Looking good!

Charles came by this morning and soon after Peter arrived with some friends. I took the opportunity to show them a sample of the first lagar of Barroca which is finished and now stored in one of our wooden tonels in the lower level of the winery.  Charles thought it was very promising with good colour and freshness.

While I was showing Charles the vinification area and what we were in the process of fermenting and treading in the lagares we took the opportunity to confirm that the temperature sensors in the lagares that are used to regulate the temperature control system were working correctly.  We do this by comparing the temperatures on our control panel with the results from using a good old fashioned manual thermometer.  It is important to do this every so often as if the sensors are not accurate I can be induced into error and think I am fermenting a lagar at a certain temperature when in fact I am not, which of course could lead to quality implications. Fortunately everything was in order!

We also took the opportunity to discuss the picking order again.  We will continue with the Tinta Roriz until it is finished, which means a couple more days of picking there, and then move on to the Malvedos Touriga Nacional, the first lagar of which will be sourced primarily from low lying blocks down by the river and near the Quinta house.

Carlos’  Birthday – Dinner at the Calça Curta

We managed to finish on time today at 19:00 and all the winery team went to dinner with Carlos to celebrate his 27th birthday at the Calça Curta.  A good time was had by all and we all let off some steam.  The octopus was excellent, and the steaks enormous, all as usual!

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