20 September Malvedos Winery Update

Another perfect day of harvesting weather here at Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos, with a cool morning leading to a warm sunny day.  Long may it last!

Winery Update

Henry conducts a tasting in the door of the winery, with a view over the river

Today was a busy day in the winery, as apart from the usual grape reception, fermentation and fortification we also received two groups of visitors and another audit team.

In the morning we received members of the Dutch press and I organised a tasting for them in the lower part of the winery of three Malvedos Vintages – 1999, 2001 and 2006, all of which I was pleased to note were showing the classic Malvedos terroir characteristics of rich velvety dark fruits combined with a special eucalyptus and mint finesse.  Soon afterwards they were followed by a group from our German distributor Smart Wines which included a distinguished chef and  two sommeliers.

L to R Margarita, Angelo, António, Henry

António Filipe, Symington Family Enterprise’s General Manager, then arrived with Margarita Rocha from our internal Quality Assurance team and Eng. Angelo from Lloyd’s Register for a visit to the winery to audit our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance compliance.

The Tinta Amarela / Touriga Nacional lagar was run off tonight after dinner to finish its fermentation in the winery below – and my instinct was right – it is possibly the darkest , deepest purple lagar we have had so far.  Very fruity and fresh flavoured, the must is completely opaque and purple and it hasn’t even finished its fermentation yet, let alone been pressed!  In fact as a general rule all the 2011 lagares have shown very good colour so far.

Vineyard update

Dawn breaking over the Tinta Roriz at Malvedos

Arlindo and his team of 25 were picking the Tinta Roriz all day and picked blocks 30, 102 and 14, all of which are more than 20 years old The first lagar has given an excellent 14.3º Baumé.   Tomorrow morning they will finish the last block, nº 17 and then move to the Malvedos Touriga Nacional.   Don’t forget you can follow our progress through the vineyards on the parcel map.

Based on our maturation studies and field visits, the first Nacional lagar at Malvedos will be sourced from four distinct sites on the Quinta which Charles and I feel will create a very interesting and unique Nacional wine.  More on that tomorrow…

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