April 2008 Douro Insider

April got off to a very fine start – indeed, April 1st was the first day of the year which could reasonably be described as hot.  Seriously, it was.  What with the changing of the clocks a few days before, the golden evening light hung on until much later, joined by warm, soft breezes that insistently whispered the words ‘gin and tonic’ until their demands were satisfied.  The impression that summer was creeping upon us was further enhanced by the onset of the hay fever season, another of the annual rites of passage.  The evenings were hot too and plenty of people were seen wandering around in shorts and T-shirts at night as if on holiday.  All this occurred, oddly enough, when much of the UK was still plagued by snowfalls.  The early summer was somewhat short-lived, however, and the second week of the month changed dramatically for the worse with some torrential and long-lasting rain.  This then set off a four week long cycle of completely polarised weather fluctuations.  With great precision, hot and sunny weeks were interspersed with cold and wet weeks for the rest of the month. Full Report

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