June 2008 Douro Insider

For those involved in agriculture in the north of Portugal, it has been hard to know what to make of the weather so far this year.  And for regular readers, it must be becoming tiresome to read every month that things are not following predictable patterns.  Thus it may come as some relief to hear that in June it appeared that things are more or less returning to normal.  What June typically brings us is generally fair weather, dominated by hot and sunny days (although not usually featuring scorching temperatures) that might be interspersed with one or two overcast days.  There are two common features of June, however, which make it different from just a cooler version of July.  Firstly, the amplitude of the range of temperatures is normally far greater, principally as a result of relatively cool nights.  Secondly, although rainfall would not usually be expected, it is still fairly common to have one or two major downpours.  Thus precipitation figures for the month are either very low (when there are no thunderstorms) or really quite high (months with total precipitation in excess of 70 or even 100 mm are by no means unheard of).  As this talk of thunder should imply, humidity can often be high. Full Report

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