November 2008 Douro Insider

November got off to a very grey start and, although the air was decidedly damp, nothing of any consequence in the way of rain was forthcoming.  Thick, wet and very clingy fog hung in the lower-lying areas.  To begin with, at least, it appeared not to be too cold, but towards the middle of the month the mornings chilled down considerably, especially for those right in the thick of the murk at the bottom of the valley.  Then as the foggy spell finally lifted the insulating effect of the blanket of low-lying clouds was no longer felt.  The skies cleared, and with this came an increase in of the range of daily temperatures: when the days were clear sunshine warmed up the earth pleasantly (albeit briefly) but the nights were distinctly icy as there was no cover to prevent this meagre heat from being radiated back into the night sky.  Thus began a downward turn, and winter started to take hold. Full Report

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