January 2009 Douro Insider

In many respects it seems that Portugal got off lightly in January, even if it didn’t appear so from our perspective. The truth of the matter is that for all the bad weather we experienced, there were extreme weather patterns right across Europe, and by comparison we were lucky to have escaped the worst. The problems started right at the beginning of the month, with a mass of polar air that was caught up by the circulation of an anticyclone hanging over the British Isles. This meant that the UK suffered its longest cold spell in 10 years over Christmas, the New Year and early January and it remained remarkably dry, an effect of the clear skies. It was so cold that even the sea froze in Dorset. The knock-on effects of this weather system brought us exactly the same scenario here, albeit to a lesser degree, with clear skies and extreme cold taking over after the damp end to December. Full Report

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