April 2009 Douro Insider

April got off to a relatively cool but sunny start although things turned grey at the beginning of the second week. There were some showers on the coast which were reflected in a small amount of inland rainfall but mainly this change in the weather brought an increase in windiness to the Douro region. They were not always the usual westerly winds that characteristically blow upriver on a summer evening, however, and there was some vento soão thrown into the mixture too. This easterly wind that comes in over the continent is not generally popular as the air tends to be very dry and dehydrating for the plants. On the other hand, the lack of humidity makes the development of fungal diseases very difficult and therefore it can be helpful for the viticulturist. It is not known as sulfato espanhol (Spanish fungicide) for nothing. The sad fact of the matter is that we didn’t need the wind at all; we needed rain. Remarkably, there were 26 consecutive dry days in March, plus a further eight in April, before it finally rained in Pinhão, making this one of the driest springs in memory. Full Report

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