Master Class and Scholarship for Aspiring Masters of Wine

Portuguese wine professionals are invited to attend a Master Class in Oporto, June 10 through 12.  This event, sponsored jointly by Symington Family Estates, makers of Graham’s Port, and The Institute of Masters of Wine, is aimed at wine trade professionals who are considering applying to study for the Master of Wine, the wine trade’s most challenging and prestigious qualification.  Delegates will participate in a series of tastings, workshops and tutorials aimed at preparing them for the Institute’s study programme.  The weekend will be hosted by Lynne Sherriff MW, Chairman of the Institute, Philip Tuck MW, and Mai Tjemsland MW.

The programme will focus on developing tasting techniques and analytical skills which are central to the Master of Wine qualification.  The topics to be covered will include international wine styles and varieties, current winemaking trends, sustainability, fortified wines, and business themes including selling wines in restricted markets.

The event is open to Portuguese wine professionals with a minimum of five years of industry experience who hold a formal wine qualification (e.g. a degree in oenology, viticulture, or wine business, the WSET Diploma or an internationally recognised sommelier certification).  Delegates will also need good written and spoken English as all the sessions will be conducted in English.

At the end of the programme, delegates will have the opportunity to sit the entry examination for the Institute’s 2012/13 study programme.

To apply to attend this event, please go to the Institute of Masters of Wine website page for the  IMW Master Class, Oporto to download the booking form (which includes a detailed agenda for the three days) which should be emailed to the IMW as directed.

Note that Symington Family Estates is substantially underwriting the course fee for this event to make it more accessible to everyone interested in this opportunity.  The €150 fee includes the cost of the course and all lunches and dinners, but excludes accomodation.

To learn more about the Master of Wine qualification and see videos of a similar event, go the IMW website Study Programme page.

The Symington Scholarship

Symington Family Estates together with Revista de Vinhos and The Institute of Masters of Wine announce the Symington Scholarship, which will help a talented Portugese wine professional study for their Master of Wine qualification.

Currently there are 297 Masters of Wine from 23 countries around the world, but not one from Portugal.  The Symington Scholarship will sponsor a candidate to study in hopes of becoming Portugal’s first Master of Wine.  This scholarship is worth more than €14,000, which will be divided over a three year period, and will cover candidature costs, fees for the first and second years of study and matriculations for the exam and dissertation.

Candidates for this scholarship are strongly advised to attend the Master Class described above.

In order to be eligible for the Symington Scholarship, the candidates will have to have been accepted to the Master of Wine Study Programme, and must have Portuguese nationality.

Additionally, the candidates should write a letter outlining the reasons why they wish to undergo the Master of Wine programme and explaining why they feel they are eligible for the Scholarship.  Please submit this in writing by 14 September at the latest, to:

Symington Scholarships
Travessa Barão de Forrester, 86
4400-034 Vila Nova de Gaia
T: +351 223776300
jcf  at

After the results of the entrance exams are announced by The Institute of Masters of Wine, the final decision for awarding the Symington Scholarship will be taken by a committee for analysing applications, made up of Paul Symington, Luís Lopes of the Revista de Vinhos, Manual Carvalho of the Público newspaper, and Philip Tuck, Master of Wine.

The funding, after the first year of the programme, will depend on the student’s performance in the First Year Evaluation.

Application to the Master of Wine Study Programme

All students study for a minimum of two years before sitting the Masters of Wine Examination.  They follow a self-study programme and are supported by an annual, week-long residential seminar, occasional study days and one-to-one advice from mentors who are Masters of Wine.  The study programme does not therefore demand large periods of time away from employment, however, it does require discipline and motivation to keep up with the level of study required.  After passing both the Theory and Practical parts of the examination, students then research and write a 10,000 word dissertation in the following year, again with the support of a Master of Wine mentor.

Applications for the 2012/13 programme will open in July 2012.

The deadline for applying to the Master of Wine study programme is August 15th, 2012, and the results will be announced in October 2012. The course will begin in November 2012, with the first year’s compulsory residential seminar in January 2013.

The final decision for approving a candidate for the MW course is at the full discretion of The Institute of Masters of Wine.

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Medal Success for Graham’s Ports

Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos 2001 Gold Medal Winner IWC & Decanter 2012

Graham’s Ports have once again been recognised for their excellence in the top blind tasting competitions:  The International Wine Challenge (IWC), The International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), and the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA).

Graham’s won a dazzling array of 22 Gold and Silver awards across the three competitions, including double Gold – from the IWC and Decanter – for the Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port 2001.  This superb Quinta Vintage Port is already available in the USA and will be released in other markets globally by the end of this year.  We agree with the IWC judges who described this Port as “joyful to drink”!

Dark jammy blackcurranty nose.  Palate is vivid, crisp and concentrated.  Starting to open up, energetic, youthful but already joyful to drink.

Other Decanter Gold Medal winners included Graham’s 10 and 20 Year Old Tawnies, the IWSC awarded Gold to Graham’s Crusted Port bottled in 2006, and the IWC awarded the Graham’s 1969 Single Harvest Tawny a Gold Award as well.  In addition we also were awarded 16 Silver medals.

In fact, between the three competitions our full range of Premium Port styles – including 10, 20, 30 and 40 Year Old Tawnies, 1969 Single Harvest Tawny, Six Grapes, Late Bottled Vintage 2007, Crusted 2006, Graham’s Vintage 2000, Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage 2001 and Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage 2004 – all won medals, and in most cases two or three medals.  No other Port producer has such an extraordinary record of recognition – either across their entire range, or over the years – as Graham’s and Symington Family Estates.

Paul Symington is understandably pleased, calling this year’s array of awards great recognition of “the excellent work of all our production people from the Douro to Vila Nova de Gaia.”

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Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny Launches in Lisbon

Martim Cabral will introduce the Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny on Jornal de Noite this weekend

Earlier this week Johnny Symington and Joaquim Augusto Cândido da Silva of Portfolio Vinhos (our Portuguese distribution subsidiary) were in Lisbon to launch the Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny which has been specially bottled this year to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

At the press launch Martim Cabral, News Editor of SIC Noticias, interviewed Johnny Symington about this special Port and the commemoration of the Queen’s Jubilee.  Watch the 20:00 Jornal da Noite (Evening News) show on SIC this weekend to learn more about this extraordinary wine, the story behind it, and the commemoration of the Queen’s Jubilee.

L to R: Mario Morais of Restaurant Eleven, Johnny Symington, Queen Elizabeth II looking over their shoulders, Chef Joaquim Koerper, and Joaquim Augusto Cândido da Silva of Portfolio Vinhos

In the evening, Johnny and Joaquim hosted a dinner for our top clients and distributors in Lisbon and southern Portugal at the elegant  Restaurant Eleven.  Set in the gardens in the Park Eduardo VII overlooking Lisbon and the Tagus River, Chef Joaquim Koerper’s Restaurant Eleven holds First Place among top Portuguese restaurants as rated by Revista Wine.  Once again, the group enjoyed the event, the Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny Port, and learning more of the story behind this outstanding wine.

A limited quantity of the 1952 Single Harvest Tawny is available from select retailers in Portugal.  If you need help locating this Port, please contact us through the comments below, or directly at blogadmin at grahams-port dot com (use the usual symbols, we just spell it out here to avoid spam).

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Interested in Vintage Port?

Just one year ago Symington Family Estates re-launched the completely renovated Vintage Port Site.  The response has been very strong:  clearly people are turning to the internet more and more for guidance on Port.  Searches on the site increased steadily over the course of the year and we had a distinct peak on 24 December, when everyone was wondering how to decant!  Visitors to the site have clearly enjoyed what the site has to offer and they have eagerly sought further advice through our Ask the Expert service.

Today the Vintage Port Site has been upgraded with more service and content for Port enthusiasts, whether novice or connoisseur.  The heart of the site is our Knowledge Base of Harvest Reports for every Vintage and records of every Vintage Port from all our brands, back to 1945.  The content of the database continues to grow as more tasting notes are added, and of course the recently announced 2010 wines from Quinta do Vesuvio and Dow’s Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira have been added as well.

Access the Knowledge base:

  • See which Vintage Ports have been declared each year in a new Timeline graphic, and click to reach the tasting notes for any Port
  • Search by Brand – pick a brand and read a concise introduction to that brand and its Vintage style, then click through the list of Vintage Years to reach the tasting notes
  • Search by Year – read Vintage Reports for every year since 1945, drawn from the Symingtons’ extraordinary family and brand archives, and click on any brand icon to see details of that year’s Vintage Port
  • Advanced Search function allows search of all tasting notes by critic, rating or publication as well as brand and year
  • Navigation has been improved so you can move easily between Vintages and brands from any record

Ask the Expert:

  • We continue to answer every query on line and notify you directly when the reply has been posted, and we remain committed to a two business day response time
  • Search the archive of Q&A’s with an easy Tag Cloud of popular topics

News about Vintage Port:

  • The Graham’s blogger will be writing for the Vintage Port Site about all the Symington Port brands, focussing on Vintage Port, of course, but expanding to bring more news of our brands and Quintas
  • In the Press brings you links to a selection of news and reviews about Vintage Port and the Symingtons


  • New concise profiles of each Symington brand and viticultural profiles of our key quintas
  • Learn the basics of Vintage Port:  How to make it, declare it, purchase, store, serve and enjoy it
  • History of Port and Viticulture articles
  • Extensive resource list of sites that regularly feature Port
  • List of global distributors for all our brands

We hope this site will answer your questions about Vintage Port but if it doesn’t… Ask the Expert!

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Tracking the Season – 17 May

Touriga Franca just coming into flower
Olive blossom

Since we last visited Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos and Quinta do Tua, the vines have clearly enjoyed the change in the weather, and the quintas were looking absolutely beautiful on this warm, sunny and slightly breezy day.

After the last of the April showers which lingered into early May, the past week has been ideal – sunny and warm, as much as 35º to 37ºC according to Alexandre Mariz, our viticulturist.  The grape vines have formed their flowers, and many of them have burst into flower.  He expects that next week we will have full flowering, though the temperatures are forecast to drop slightly and the weather will be less stable.  So far, however, he is very pleased with the progress of the flowering, which is looking very healthy.  The grapes are not the only thing in flower – both quintas have large olive plantations, and the olive blossom is also very beautiful.

Our Touriga Franca vine at Malvedos is setting its flowers, which are just on the verge of opening, the leaves are turning a darker green and the vines have grown long enough to be caught between the wires of the trellis above.

We have finished the despampa (the removal of excess shoots) and begun the ampara, which means moving the vines to make sure they are growing up between the wires of the trellis, as you can see in the photo of the Touriga Franca above.  This process is also entirely manual, but critical:  we cannot have the vines growing or hanging out into the middle of the rows, as there is a risk tractors and even people passing through might damage or break off the vines.

We are just finishing the last step in the creation of the new plantation at Tua, which is the breaking up of large rocks left in the middle or at the end of the row.  This needs to be done as too much broken rock in the terrace pathways make working in the vineyards, either on foot or by tractor at least uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.  Carlos, our tractorista at Tua, runs over the row full of rocks dragging a sort of sledge behind the tractor which pulverises the rock.  It is pretty effective, as you can see from these before and after photos taken at the end of a terrace, where quite a lot of debris had gathered.  After two or three passes the large slabs of schist have been broken into much smaller pieces, and as he continues into the terrace row, the remaining rock gets turned in and buried in the soil, leaving a fairly neat smooth surface. Click on the photos to see them full size and use your browser back button to return to the blog.

Seen from the western end of the property, the view across the new plantation at Quinta do Tua is visibly greener.  All the vines have put on more leaf, even the newly planted ones,  the leaves are maturing and turning a deeper green in the warm sunny weather, and the vines are growing rapidly.

View across Quinta do Tua 17 May 12:51
The first step in renewing a vineyard at Quinta dos Malvedos

Just as we are wrapping up the new plantation at Tua, we are starting the whole process again over at Quinta dos Malvedos.  We have a parcel of very old Tinta Roriz that is no longer producing well, and the vineyard itself is not in good condition, with the terraces badly damaged by heavy rains over the years.  Whilst it is a little sad to watch the vines being torn up, we cannot afford to be sentimental, it is an important part of our stewardship of these properties to renew the plantings as needed to ensure good grapes in years to come.   Graham’s Vintage Ports are legendary for their consistent superb quality – we cannot let down future generations.

The view looking east across Quinta dos Malvedos and Quinta do Tua
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Graham’s Profile: Jorge Nunes

Jorge Nunes decanting the Malvedos 1999 Vintage Port before a tasting event

Graham’s Market Manager for the Far East, Pacific and Middle East, Jorge Nunes, is about to change the way we do business in those regions.  Before he re-locates from Portugal to Hong Kong, we decided to catch up with him to learn more.

With a qualification in winemaking (including harvest work experience at Quinta dos Malvedos in 2002 with Henry Shotton) and experience running tastings and educational programs for a top Portuguese wine magazine, Jorge joined Graham’s in 2007 with the dual remit of winemaking and hosting premium and VIP tastings at our Lodge.

By 2008 we knew the Far East and Pacific markets needed far more personal attention than the existing sales team could provide, and Jorge was asked to help them organise tastings and other events in the region.  Although he continues as one of the Symington winemaking team during each harvest, Jorge ultimately left the Lodge and joined the Market Management team full time to develop these markets.  With the sharp increase of interest in fine wine the past few years, the next logical step is a move to a base in the Far East and near total immersion.

Banner welcoming visitors to a Graham’s tasting event at Justin Bistro in Taipei last winter

With a strong network of top distributors, restaurants, bars and retail outlets across the region, Jorge’s role will be to support that network by providing training and education for wine and food professionals, as well as organising educational, tasting and food pairing events for the public.  He hosted some wonderful events in Japan and Taipei last year, and will be able to do much more once he is based in Hong Kong.

Jorge says the consumers in these markets are particularly keen to learn.  “The Port wine range can be complicated to understand, but the taste is just so easy to enjoy.  Asian consumers appreciate the quality and rarity of fine wines like the Graham’s 1961 and 1969 Single Harvest Tawnies and fine Vintage Ports, particularly more mature Vintages.  It is very clear to them that Port really is one of the fine wines of the world, and they value the history behind Port and the Douro as well as the superb and long standing reputation of the Symington family within the trade.”  With their eagerness to learn and understand, Jorge’s technical wine making knowledge is a huge benefit as well, as he is besieged with questions at events.

Jorge will be in Hong Kong May 29-31 for Vinexpo, the premier wine show for the entire Pacific and Far Eastern region.  Together with Paul Symington, he will be showing Graham’s Ports as well as a selection of Ports and Douro DOC wines from other Symington Family Estates brands.  Look for them as part of the Primum Familiae Vini group of family owned producers of fine wines, together with Marchesi Antinori, Hugel & Fils and Perrin & Fils.  Jorge will be serving Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny from a 4.5 litre Jeraboam – which should be impressive!  Each day they will be serving a different Vintage port from Magnum as well.

With Michel Wendel of Wendel’s German Bakery and Bistro in Taipei, selecting the best Graham’s Ports to pair with his wonderful pastries (photo courtesy of Thomas Kuo for Milk Magazine)

After Vinexpo Jorge will begin his travels around the region, and is looking forward to some great food pairing events in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai later this summer and autumn.   He will be with Euan Mackay in late October at The Vintage Port Academy which is in its third year in Hong Kong and will be offered in Shanghai for the first time this year as well.  But in September he will be back to the Douro for harvest – he is still a winemaker!

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Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny Launches in Porto

Yesterday marked the Portuguese launch of Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny, hosted by Johnny Symington and Joaquim Augusto Cândido da Silva of Portfolio Vinhos (our Portuguese distribution subsidiary) at the Factory House in Porto.

Customers representing some of the top wine shops in the north of Portugal were invited to a presentation, luncheon and tasting of this extraordinary Port which has been specially bottled this year to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  As the home of the British Association, a more than two century old club for English Port shippers in Porto, which hosted the Queen and Prince Philip in 1957 and other members of the British Royal Family as well as Portuguese heads of state over the years, the Factory House was a natural venue to celebrate the release.  Copies of the Times of London from the Coronation Day and the Queen’s visit to Porto, from the Factory House’s own library, were laid out for visitors to read.

Johnny Symington presenting Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny

Johnny spoke of how this wine is the result of unique and actually rather difficult circumstances:  during and after World War II many superb wines were made and simply held, like this one, rather than declared as Vintages or otherwise used up to make other styles of Port, while Port’s main markets – Europe and the UK – struggled to recover from the war and the austerity that followed for almost ten years afterwards.  Additionally, over the years our winemakers – three generations of Symingtons – recognised the quality of this wine as it was ageing and chose to hold back several pipes, rather than use it up in making our blended Tawnies.

Graham’s is honoured to have received the Palace’s approval to include the legend “To Commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” on the label of the 1952 Single Harvest Tawny.  No other 1952 wine has been honoured in this way.  It is a testament not just to the fact of its Vintage year and its outstanding quality, but to the long standing alliance and friendship between Portugal and England, which dates back to the Treaty of Windsor in 1386.  The choice of a Port wine for this recognition is wonderful for the attention it will draw to Port and the Douro, and indeed Portugal and Portuguese wines generally.

As is traditional at The Factory House, the group gathered in the Lunch Room for a meal which concluded with Graham’s Vintage 1994 served with Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sorbet and a selection of Serra da Estrela and Stilton Cheese.  After coffee, the group moved to the Dessert Room, where they were able to enjoy Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny Port without the distraction of any lingering scents of food.  The Port was served accompanied only by dried apricots and fresh walnuts to complement the complex flavour profile of the wine.


A limited quantity of the 1952 Single Harvest Tawny is available from select retailers in Portugal – we already have confirmed outlets in Porto, Matosinhos, Coimbra, Espinho, Braga and elsewhere.  If you need help locating this Port, please contact us through the comments below, or directly at blogadmin at grahams-port dot com (use the usual symbols, we just spell it out here to avoid spam).

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Graham’s Hosts The Worshipful Company of Distillers

Johnny Symington with Senhor Lapa and Nuno Moreira checking the wines for the Graham’s vertical tasting

Graham’s enjoys receiving and entertaining a wide variety of visitors throughout the year, and recently welcomed members of The Worshipful Company of Distillers to a tasting and luncheon at our offices in Vila Nova de Gaia.

This City of London Livery Company was founded in the 17th century and granted a monopoly and rights to control the distilling trade within 21 miles of London and Westminster.  It has enjoyed a long and colourful history, and continues to be active today supporting education and “conviviality” within the drinks trade, as well as raising funds to support a number of educational and benevolent charities.

Naturally entertaining fellow professionals is a wonderful challenge – as veterans of the drinks business our visitors know the fundamentals of how our Ports are made, and are certainly familiar with many of our wines from previous tasting events as well as their own personal cellars.

8 Vintage Ports for 30 people meticulously laid out and ready for our visitors

Johnny Symington and Henry Shotton decided to host a vertical tasting which would demonstrate the gradual change in flavour profile as Port ages in bottle.  They chose 8 Graham’s Vintage Ports, including 1970, 1977, 1980, 1994, 1997, Malvedos 1999, 2000 and 2007.  The set up of such a complex tasting for 30 people called for great organisation and attention to detail, with Senhor Lapa and Nuno Moreira of our Tasting Room helping Johnny and Henry set up the places, decant and serve the Ports.

The event was very relaxed, and everyone enjoyed the open discussion and exchange of stories and experiences over long careers in the wine and spirits trades.  Allan Cheesman, formerly the buyer for UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, particularly enjoyed the 1977, as that was the year of his first visit to Porto.  He later wrote to say, “Can’t recall doing such a vintage vertical like that and I’ve been around for a while!”  Another guest commented on having enjoyed the Quinta dos Malvedos 1950 many times over his career – much to Johnny’s envy, who has only tasted it once, and may never have another opportunity as the last bottles were served at our Quinta tastings in London and Lisbon last October.

Johnny Symington and Henry Shotton enjoyed hosting the tasting for The Worshipful Company of Distillers

The 1970 was particularly seductive, one of Henry Shotton’s favourites of the event, though he picked the 1994 and 2007 as also showing particularly well at this stage of their development.

Afterwards, the group enjoyed a glass of the Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny, which was recently released to commemorate the the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  They then went on to have lunch with Johnny, Paul and Rupert Symington at our offices and a tour of the Graham’s Lodge before heading up to the Douro for a few days, beginning with dinner at Dow’s Quinta do Bomfim with Dominic Symington.

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Tracking the Season – 3 May

Watching showers move east, over Valdossa, the cluster of buildings at the top of the hill
Touriga Franca at Quinta dos Malvedos, 3 May, 15:49

The past two weeks we have enjoyed some intermittent showers at Quinta dos Malvedos and Quinta do Tua.  When we visited last Thursday, 3 May, there were a few showers as well as periods of sun and overcast, in fact conditions seemed to vary from one cloud to the next!

Alexandre Mariz, our viticulturist, said the past two weeks have been quiet, with steady progress made on the despampa, the process of manually thinning the shoots to leave just the two strongest on each bud, and that in just a couple weeks we will have completed the first pass through both quintas.  From the window of the train, which passes at the foot of the vineyards, it was possible to see clearly that the Touriga Franca just above the river west of the adega had been completed, but the vines in the Port Arthur vineyard were not yet done.  The Touriga Franca vine we are monitoring higher up on the east side of the quinta has been thinned, and you can see the pairs of shoots growing from each node (you can click to enlarge the image, then use your browser back button to return to this article).

The view across the new plantations at Tua is visibly greener than our last photo from early April.  In the foreground is an area of 5-year-old Touriga Nacional, whilst the areas beyond show fine green stripes along the outer edge of each terrace, which means the newly planted vines are settling in and putting on leaf.

View across Quinta do Tua 3 May, 12:15

In the new plantation we have finished putting up the posts for the trellis system, and are just doing a bit more stone crushing.  In this photo you can see the bright green tufts of the new vines, as well as the large hunks of schist which have been raked into the centre of the terrace.  Later the tractor will pass through, crushing the rock and neatly turning it in and raking a smooth surface to the soil.

One more change we noticed since our last visit, which cannot be captured in photos, is the return of the birds and the increase in birdsong.  It is a good sign of the health and equilibrium of our vineyards.

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A Good Week for a Good Year

João Vasconcelos and Johnny Symington at The Big Fortified Tasting with Graham’s 30 YO Tawny in the new bottling

Both Johnny and Paul Symington have been in London this week in conjunction with the launch of Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny, bottled this year to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which was released yesterday exclusively through Berry Brothers & Rudd.

On Wednesday Johnny, Paul and UK Market Manager João Vasconcelos were at The Big Fortified Tasting (BFT), a trade event now in its third very successful year, which focuses on showing the best of Port, Madeira and Sherry, as well as other fortified wines from around the world.  The trio showed visitors a range of Vintages and other bottle matured Ports from all the Symington brands, as well as showing the new range of Graham’s aged Tawnies in the impressive new bottles.  Johnny says the Tawnies, particularly, “were exceptionally well received by all who attended.   We also presented the Graham’s Diamond Jubilee 1952 which received unprecedented comment and interest.”

Indeed – there was much Twittering about the 1952 during the BFT, and some of the top UK wine writers have already featured this Single Harvest Tawny in their websites, including Jamie Goode’s Wine Anorak, Sarah Ahmed’s Wine DetectiveTom Cannavan’s Wine Pages and Jancis Robinson’s website.

Johnny Symington and Richard Mayson (centre) looking forward to the hard work of tasting Vintage Ports blind with members of The Port Forum

Many of our readers will no doubt be familiar with The Port Forum, a UK based on-line chat forum for lovers of Port.  The group meet regularly to enjoy blind tastings of Ports contributed from their own cellars, and Wednesday night Johnny joined them, along with wine writer and Port specialist Richard Mayson, contributing a bottle of the Graham’s 1952 Single Harvest Tawny to the evening’s delights.  “It showed absolutely magnificently much to the delight of all present” in Johnny’s words.

Have you had a chance to taste the 1952?  We would love to hear from you either here or on Facebook with your impressions of this sumptuous wine, and how you will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with Graham’s.

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