2015 Vintage at Malvedos Concluded

On Wednesday September 30th the last grapes from the 2015 vintage at Quinta dos Malvedos arrived in the estate winery. After twenty days of late nights, early mornings and all-night shifts, the harvest was over. In the end, the vintage came in under the wire as on Friday another rainstorm bore down on the Douro, this time damaging some of the region’s vineyards. Malvedos escaped any significant damage, which was particularly fortunate when we consider the new vineyards being lain out at the western extremity of the quinta.

Work in the winery continued until the weekend but the winery team were content, both because the quality of the wines made was superb and also because a well-earned rest was just around the corner. The bulk of the work was now well behind them and they could begin to wind down the operation until next year. The door to the winery was finally closed on Friday evening after the fermentation of the last lagares and the cleaning of the winery. 

Zimba, Charles Symington’s dog, enjoying a nap after the vintage.

While many of those involved in the harvest will now make the most of their welcome rest, Alexandre Mariz (viticulturist at Quinta dos Malvedos) is already planning the next year in the vineyards. At the same time he is also supervising the shaping of new terraces at the western end of the quinta. In February or March of next year 4.9 hectares will be planted with Alicante Bouschet, an increasingly important grape variety that until now has been under represented in the vineyards of Quinta dos Malvedos.

The next viticultural year will kick off with winter pruning, which usually begins in November.

We will soon be publishing a full harvest report.

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      You could have a look at one of our older posts: http://blog.grahams-port.com/2009/09/28/exciting-discovery-in-the-experimental-vineyard/

      It has some information on the Alicante Bouschet grape variety. You could also find more information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alicante_Bouschet – while it gives more information about Alicante Bouschet in relation to wines from Portugal’s Altenjo region, it gives you a good overview of the grape variety’s qualities.

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