5 October Malvedos Winery Update

António washing down the floor in the old original part of the adega

Although today there are no grapes, there is still plenty to do in the winery.  While some of us deal with the last fortifications and packing up the Vinhaço from the press the rest of us are fully occupied with cleaning the winery which will now stand empty for almost eleven months until the next harvest.

The last lagar of Touriga Franca / Tinto Cão will be fortified tomorrow morning and then basically it’s over for the winery team.  A skeleton team of Fonseca, Juca and I will stay until Friday finalising details of the winery’s closure.

For the record 2011 is one of the best harvests I have ever had the privilege to work in…

That said, the long hours and hard work does take its toll on the team, as witness these photos of Fonseca and myself before and after harvest…

Fonseca and Henry: official pre-harvest portrait
Fonseca and Henry, after a very good, but hard working, harvest 2011
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8 thoughts on “5 October Malvedos Winery Update

  1. Fonseca and Henry, after a very good, but hard working, harvest 2011
    ….they change sex, when working very hard??????

  2. Fantastic way to end the Vindima season with a funny post.
    Thank you all for the extensive and detailed reports about Malvedos Vindima.

    I`ll continue to follow this blog throughout the year!

    1. Augusto and Rui, thank you both for your comments! Glad you have enjoyed the harvest blog and I look forward to your feedback throughout the year!

  3. LOL *(^_^)*
    I’m nearly sad the vindíma is over… It’s been like following a good telenovela. I’ve learned so much … Thank you for sharing this, especially since you found the time to post during the busiest month of the year! Next time I’ll pass between Quinta dos malvedos and Quinta do tua, they certainly won’t look the same to me 🙂 muito obrigada!

    1. de nada! Thanks for this – I like the idea of blog as telenovela – that sets us a challenge for the other 11 months of the year! We will do our best to continue to keep you entertained and informed!

  4. What a blog; im so pleased you posted that pic of pre n post vintage ‘at the office’..as hilarious now as it was at the time. Please do keep up well oiled and in tune with the post vintage activity..xx

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, I spoke with Charles to ask when I should check in with him again for news on next steps with the wines – he will be tasting samples near year end, when the wines have “fallen bright” a bit. But the blog will continue to track these wines, the vineyards and all, all year round. Hope you will come back to visit us over the course of the year!

  5. Now we must be informed about the wine, Porto Wine, and Douro Wine, from the Douro Region.

    When waiting for the nexto Vindima!

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