A balancing act

DSC_0115It is the end of another day, amazing sunsets here. I am alone in the winery doing my daily administrative duties. There is so much happening it is sometimes hard to find the time to stop to write it all down.  In fact, I havent even told you yet about the visit we had yesterday from Charles Metcalfe! I will write out my notes and get my photos organized for a proper post about his visit that I will put up tomorrow. 

Just while Im thinking about it, a very quick story. Today I had to have lunch in the small nearby village of Tua and decided to walk back to Malvedos along the railway line (totally illegal but the most direct route and a very pleasant 15m walk). This involves walking across the railway bridge over the Tua river. Wonderful views but not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo and certainly not if you have had one too many at lunch!Tua bridge not for the faint hearted!Tua railway bridge

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