The Cavadinha crew muscles in on the blog

We have quite a few people following us on this blog, so I think that I should try to give you a wider picture of what my family are actually doing here in the Douro during this and previous harvests. We have given you a lot of information about the winery at Quinta dos Malvedos. But this is only one of the 7 small specialist wineries that we run during the harvest. There are 6 other wineries with a similar team to Henry’s at Malvedos. Today we showed you Ricardo’s team at Quinta da Senhora de Ribeira.

I was not joking when I told you that the Sra Ribeira guys had not seen their wives and girlfriends for a while. Have a look at the map; Carrazeda is 20 kms away from Sra Ribeira and it takes well over 1/2 hour on a difficult, very steep and twisty road. You cannot just pop out for a spare toothbrush. You need some really dedicated people who really love making Port and Douro wine in order to work in this incredibly remote place like these lads do.

So over the next few days I will try and show you some of the other teams.

This photo is of Miles, who you know already as one of our viticulture managers and researchers and his several posts on this blog. At Quinta da Cavadinha in the Pinhão valley he runs the winery under the responsibility of my cousin Charles. Here he is with the other 9 members of his team. These guys are responsible for 6 robotic lagares and three plunger tanks and make rather more Port than Henry does at Malvedos, but still it is a very small winery making under 900 pipes (barrels of 550 lts) of some of our very best Ports at each harvest. They have been working full on now for nearly 3 weeks.

The lads in the photo with Miles are; Antonio, Nuno, Antonio, Joao, Sergio, Carlos, Antonio and Acacio. Quite a cheerful crew. Mind you, they are nearer to civilization (but hardly a buzzing metropolis, for those of you who know it), i.e. Pinhão, so the toothbrush or cold beer journey is only 15 minutes away.

Miles and the winery team at Cavadinha
Miles and the winery team at Cavadinha


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2 thoughts on “The Cavadinha crew muscles in on the blog

  1. Como os tempos avançam! : ) Olha o meu pai na internet : )
    Realmente, para se fazerem bons vinhos é preciso engenho e arte, e antes de se contar com a sabedoria que vem nos livros académicos, é preciso contar com a sabedoria que vem nos livros da vida e da experiência e que está escrita também em cada socalco e em cada chão percorrido!


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