A surprise audit in the middle of the vintage!

The audience goes mad after a week!I did not mention it until now, but a few days ago we had a surprise audit to determine that the winery was in compliance with safe working environment regulations. The sound level inside and outside the winery was measured by a team from Lisbon.

Despite the fact that we are in the middle of the vintage, they received the full and I might even say enthusiastic cooperation of the lads, who attentively followed their activity – I would not have thought that Sound Measurement could be of such an interest to them!

Yesterday we received yet another visit, this time from Lloyd’s, our Health & Safety Accreditation Auditors. During the vintage things often are moving fast, but safety in the winery is taken seriously and we all do our best to take the necessary precautions so that the worst thing that happens to anyone is an occasional dousing with water.

Audit Team 1It was a relief to see the expression on António Filipe’s face at the end of the audit.

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