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The blog is very pleased to make room for the Douro Insider report, which has now migrated here, coming off its previous home, the Vintage Port Site.

Miles examining the Touriga Francesa in one of his research vineyards, September 2010

If you are not yet familiar with this report, it is absolutely unique in the Douro and the Port trade, and something of which we are very proud.  Miles Edlmann, our Research Viticulturalist, writes every month to review the weather and vineyard conditions and viticultural activity in the the Douro.  If you are secretly thinking right now this sounds hideously dull, please, treat yourself and read just one report.  We defy you to find anyone else who can make a low pressure system over the Atlantic or the fourth straight month of shoot-trimming so captivating and entertaining as well as solidly informative.  Miles’s occasional digressions on related matters, such as the secret life of enological students during maturation studies, are also something to which you can look forward.

The back catalog of monthly reports are now integrated to the main blog’s running text, but they also have a dedicated page.  Take a look at the menu tabs above, and click on the Douro Insider tab to get a full archive of links to the reports.  We are going live today with all the 2010 reports, and 2009 and 2008 will be posted shortly.

Looking down from the top of Malvedos to Vila Velha, south west across the river on the near bend

One thing to bear in mind:  unless otherwise stated, the main content of this blog is focussed on Graham’s and the five quintas which contribute to the Graham’s wines.  Miles’s Douro Insider reports, however, digest conditions across the entire region and discuss broad tendencies.  With the intense micro-climatisation of the Douro landscape, this can sometimes lead to apparent discrepancies.  It is not uncommon for there to be, for example, rainfall generally across the region, whilst select pockets remain bone dry.  Even among the five Graham’s quintas, we can have passing showers at Quinta dos Malvedos that never make it either south of the Douro to Quinta das Lages deep in the Rio Torto valley, or all the way east to Quinta do Vale de Malhadas in theDouro Superior.

The Douro Insider reports typically are published around the 10th to 15th of the month following the month under review.  This gives Miles time to gather and digest all the statistical data for rainfall and temperatures and write his report without neglecting his vines.

The next report will be issued mid-late November, and will be a combined September and October review, as the harvest typically spans those two months.  Additionally, October marks the end of the viticultural year, and Miles will also provides a summary retrospective of the year.

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2 thoughts on “About the Douro Insider

  1. Miles, Henry & Cynthia are all to be commended for their brilliant work this year in providing us with fascinating detailed information and analyses throughout 2010. Major kudos to the entire team!

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