Break in the Winemaking

The lads from the wineries at Malvedos and Tua took an hour off to have drinks with the Symington family this evening.  Traditionally the family make a point of coming up for end of harvest celebrations, but as it happened the family and senior members of the firm were at Malvedos for a strategy meeting, so they invited the teams round for drinks this evening, just as the sun was setting over the hills.

The only family member who could not be present tonight was Charles – no break in the winemaking for him, yet.

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2 thoughts on “Break in the Winemaking

  1. i am really happy to see this family growing because in the pass i already be a part at this family. I am saying this because i already work to this family and they treat very well all the staff. I work in control quality in Gaia, Canidelo and i regreat to leave this job actually i am in england with my family.I work with the team of Mr. Francisco Santiago and all the staff i miss all. So if you need somebody to work with the control of quality they can count with me. i have the degree of foods quality controll.wishing all the best for this wonderfull family.

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