Change is in the air

The weather appears to be changing. Although it is still basically sunny and pleasantly warm during the daytime we haven’t been breaking a sweat for a while now and there are certainly more clouds about. The evenings are definitely cooler and even a few drops of rain fell last night, but nothing significant. The changing conditions often seem to upset the fermentations – apparently the yeast don’t adapt well to fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. Today the rate at which the Baumé is decreasing has slowed down considerably in most of the lagares. In the past I have seen fermentations suddenly suspend all activity for hours on end when a thunderstorm rolls in. Usually of course this happens in the middle of the night when we are waiting for the must to drop the last half-degree before fortification. We stay up watching the tanks for ages and, maddeningly, in the end they only need to be run off at lunchtime.

Have a good weekend!


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