Charles Checks Out the Wines

Stopped into the laboratory at Quinta do Tua at lunchtime and was surprised to find Charles doing the washing-up.  In fact, he was just rinsing some new wine glasses in order to start assessing the first 12 wines which have been made so far at Tua.

He and Paulo Macedo, the winemaker at Tua, reviewed each wine in turn, giving it a good swirl in the glass, holding it up to the light, and breathing deeply, nose in glass.

The decision was made to begin combining some lotes (batches) of wine, and two pairs of wines were identified which could each be blended – we started with 12 lotes and when Paulo has finished his work this afternoon there will be 10 lotes.  Whilst each incoming batch is vinified and fortified separately, we need to keep reviewing the wines for possible combination in order to manage our storage space, so that the very best wines can be kept in individual small capacity containers.

Overall, Charles said the wines are well made, which is nothing unusual, and on the whole he thinks this is a pretty satsifying bunch of wines, better than he might have expected at this stage.

Well done, Paulo and the winemaking team at Tua.

Follow the assessment process in this mini photo gallery:  click on an image, which will open in a new blog page, then follow the links at the bottom of each photo back and forth through the series.  When you want to return to the blog, click on the post title at the top of the individual photo display page.

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