Cold weather settles into the Douro vineyards

Autumn is upon us, low lying clouds hang to the mountain tops and the morning is damp and chilly. This is a typical early morning at Malvedos in November.

I have just made a quick visit to the Quinta with our German distributor.

We have had some very welcome rain over the last couple of weeks and hope that it will continue to replenish the much depleted water reserves in the soil.

After the frenzy of the vintage and a well earned rest the vineyard work is slowly getting back in gear. This morning the pre-pruner was out busily cutting away at the main growth from last season so as to allow the pruning team to enter the vineyard and do the vital and skilled job of the final pruning that will have such a critical effect on next years growth.

With the leaf fall and the beginning of pruning the Douro becomes rather barren and takes on its least attractive mantle until the first signs of growth appear early next spring although the plumes of smoke from the many bonfires burning the pruning wood rising in the still air add a poignant beauty as another viticultural year comes to an end.

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