Drama on the Douro

DSC02514At about 1pm on Sunday we were lunching on the terrace at Malvedos when we spotted a boat heading downriver quite fast, and well outside the main channel marked with red and green buoys.   We braced ourselves for an impact, and sure enough seconds later there was a large bang and the boat fetched up on a large rock in the middle of the river.  The famous rocks below Malvedos had claimed another victim!


We had ringside seats for the next hour of commotion, Branca and Prazeres joining in.


The crew are rescued by a passing tour boat, although the captain stays aboard.    Kayakers come to help.


The local ambulance and fire services arrive.


A crowd gathers on the main road to watch.


A passing barco rabelo tried to pull them off but in vain.


Finally the firemen arrive by boat from Pinhao.


We had to leave before the boat was refloated.   We wish them well.

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