First Grapes Arrive at Quinta dos Malvedos

Anticipation - watching the tractor manoeuvre back to the scale and sorting table

The lads have not even had breakfast yet when our first delivery of Tinta Barroca arrived.  After all, the first picking was done in Parcel 92, which is a high altitude east-facing vineyard.

Paul came down early to welcome the winery team, most of whom are veterans of many harvests with us.  When he saw the first grapes arriving he returned to the house to let our visiting journalists know, and they hurried down to see, even cutting short the morning swim!

First Tinta Barroca to arrive at Quinta dos Malvedos winery for Harvest 2011

The grapes look very good, the baume for this lot was 14.1º, though what will really count is the baumé in the lagar at the end of today, when all the grapes have come in and we start to vinify.

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6 thoughts on “First Grapes Arrive at Quinta dos Malvedos

  1. If the part of the grapes are a bit wrikled like a bit old, does it harm?
    I have seen somewhere those not sorted out.

    1. Hello again Ari-Heikki! For Port wine, a degree of wrinkling is actually desirable – evidence of concentration. We call it “washerwoman’s fingers”. Just this morning I was showing this to a visitor, if you taste a plump grape, then taste a grape like this, you can taste clearly a concentration of flavour, and more complex flavours. Only when they are dried to the point of being hard, do we remove those. The people doing the picking are expected to leave those kinds of grapes or bunches behind on the ground in the vineyard, so that at the adegga we have fairly little to do on the sorting table.

  2. I just read your blog today (September 20, 2011) and I must thank you for sharing the daily activity of the “Vindima”. It transported me to my childhood memories. I wish the transportation could actually be physical so I wouldn’t miss out on the dinner too…
    I am Portuguese, living and writing you from California.

    1. Dora, what a lovely message to find here, I am glad you are enjoying our blog. One of our winery workers is a policeman in Lisbon who grew up in the Douro, and he uses three weeks of his holiday to come to work for us every year – the pull of the Douro and the harvest is very strong, I think, for anyone who knows and loves the region.

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